Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Conservative party's economic "plan"

As reported by the CBC:
  1. Hold a first ministers meeting to discuss the global financial crisis.
  2. Continue to work with other G7 nations to take "appropriate actions" to support Canada's financial system.
  3. Summon Parliament to meet in the fall.
  4. Send Harper to meet with European Union leaders later this week to discuss the economic crisis and strengthen Canada's economic partnership with the EU.
  5. Attend a summit of G-20 finance ministers in Brazil in early November.
  6. Continue a review of departmental spending.
But let's make it clear and simple, the way Steve likes it:
  1. Hold a meeting.
  2. Do something unspecified.
  3. Hold a meeting with the rest of the government.
  4. Attend a meeting.
  5. Attend a meeting.
  6. Do something that we were already doing anyway.
This is not a plan. There's not much more to say than that. It might qualify as a plan for forming a plan. Beyond that it's useless.

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